“Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.” – Bresson

There are many perks to doing my job; sometimes I have so much fun it feels wrong to even call it work! One of the greatest pleasures I have is meeting the brides and grooms I am lucky enough to photograph, but along the way an additional bonus has become meeting and working with the other wedding suppliers. There’s no denying, it ‘s a tough industry, and there is so much competition (if you want to see it that way) in all fields! Whilst in a January daze, wondering how we had been catapulted into a new year already, I had the pleasure of meeting Tony Marriott from Tony’s Toons at the GL1 wedding fair. He wasn’t exhibiting that day, but was catching up with other friends he has made in the five years or more that he has been working as a caricaturist, and he stopped by my stand for a chat.


Later on he sent me a really encouraging email that really touched me with it’s genuine warmth and support. Since then, we have met a few times at other wedding fairs and have chatted, and a few weeks ago he approached me with a view to having some photos taken to update his website; the plan was that I would accompany him to one of his weddings where he would do his thing and I would capture the story of how he works and the role he plays at a wedding. So last saturday, off we went to the wedding of Mr and Mrs Wilkins at The George hotel near Birdlip, and I have to say it was such a fun night! It felt very odd for me not being the one capturing the first dance as it was happening, and listening to the dancing going on in the next room and not having to be on hand snapping all of that, but I was having just as much fun out in the hallway watching Tony work his magic. I was amazed at the speed at which he works, for over three hours he relentlessly sketched, inked and shaded his way through a sheaf of A3 paper; and the wedding guests were absolutely hooked! Watching their reactions to his caricatures was just as entertaining as watching him work, I honestly struggled to catch his hand in focus because he moves so fast. I felt humbled to see a real artist at work, putting his work out there with no filters, editing or second chances! The resounding delight of the guests demonstrated he got it right every time. I really enjoyed seeing the wedding through the perspective of another supplier, and I have to take my hat off to Tony, he’s a consummate professional – and a jolly nice man to boot! Thanks Tony for letting me be part of it. http://www.tonystoons.co.uk 


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