“Through chaos as it swirls, it’s us against the world”

Saturday the 4th April saw me having an early start with a sprint down to Kent for the wedding day of Rebecca and Clark; the thick fog had me worried but I was hopeful that by midday it would have blown over and brightened up. Rebecca was the epitome of a calm and collected bride when I arrived, and the girls had a leisurely morning feasting on scones and tea (you can take the girl out of Devon!….)  The morning flew, by the time I next looked at the clock it was almost time for Rebecca to get into her beautiful dress and descend the stairs so her dad could see her for the first time; watching his face as he saw his daughter in her dress and capturing that smile and the unspoken pride in his eyes was a touching moment. I then whizzed off with the groom and ushers to get to the venue which was a 20 minute drive away – the stunning Orangery at Turkeymill. I was so excited when I saw the grounds as the opportunities for photographs seemed to be endless! All we needed now was the sunshine to break through and it would be a perfect day, obligingly, just as the bride and her father made their impressive arrival over the bridge and across the stream to the ceremony room, the sun burst through the clouds and filled the room with glorious sunshine. Clark’s face was a picture as he watched his bride proceed across the grounds towards him, and his eagerness to make Rebecca his wife was demonstrated when he rapidly said “I do” before the registrar had even completed her question – “Do you Clark….” Poor Clark, the whole room erupted with laughter and I was giggling away behind my camera, it was really sweet to watch Rebecca stroking Clark’s hand with her thumb to reassure him, these are the little moments I love to capture. The readings spoken by two of the couples’ friends were some of my favourite extracts from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Jane Eyre. As Clark kissed his wife for the first time, the joy and excitement in the room was palpable. The couple slipped away for a ten minute drive alone together in their wedding car, and when they returned we began the group photos, their guests were all so friendly and amenable it was a pleasure to work with them! After we had worked through the “must have” shots, we stole away from the celebrations to get some romantic couple shots in the amazing grounds. Rebecca and Clark were so generous with their time and were happy to allow me to make the most of their gorgeous venue and the weather. The day passed by in such a whirl, and before I knew it it was time to capture the first dance, one of my FAVOURITE parts of the wedding! The couple chose Coldplay’s song Us Against the World – a fitting song for newlyweds, but it was abundantly clear from the love of the family and friends that surrounded them on the dance floor that they would be in no short supply of support as they began their future together. Hilariously, as the song came to an end, Rebecca’s dad surprised the couple by having the DJ request a father daughter dance to one of Clark’s favourite bands – The Darkness’s track I Believe in a Thing Called Love. The look on Rebecca and Clark’s faces as her dad threw his jacket off and strutted his stuff was absolutely priceless! As I left, I was in no doubt that everyone would indeed be rocking till the sun goes down! Thank you so much for letting me capture your amazing day Mr and Mrs Taylor, I wish you all the very very best for your new life together. x

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