People fall in love in mysterious ways…

You may perhaps recognise the title of this blog from the massive Ed Sheeran hit Thinking Out Loud, I used it because I think it’s a cute song and it was also the first dance for the lovely couple that I’m blogging about today. The wedding speeches of the groom, best man and father of the bride would certainly testify that sometimes people do find love when they are least expecting it. Saturday the 2nd May saw me taking an epic road trip up to Langley Castle, which was disappointingly not in Scotland as I first thought but Northumberland – which is close enough! The scenery as we neared Northumberland was wild and lonely looking (aided by the bleak weather) and – sadly for poor Charlotte who was driving – inspired me to  break into my horrendous rendition of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights; anyone who knows me knows I have a bit of an obsession with that novel and one day I will be lucky enough to do a Wuthering Heights themed shoot I just know it! Tom and Megan, the lovely groom and bride, had invited me to join them on the saturday night as they had a meal with close family and friends before the wedding day on the sunday. I can honestly say it was the poshest food I have ever eaten in my life, and was surprisingly filling despite not being the portion sizes a chip loving girl with a hearty appetite is used to! I have never before had my food aromatised with the smell of porcini mushrooms from something that looked like it belonged in a science lab! It was beautiful food though and a real treat to enjoy something so totally different and thoughtfully prepared. I felt really privileged to be included in the pre-celebrations and so excited as I watched the couple go off to their separate rooms for their last nights of singledom. The next morning began with an equally impressive breakfast menu, I breakfasted with the girls (the boys were under strict instruction not to venture into the castle until we were finished! As usual, the hours whirled by in a flurry of activity, the bride accidentally spilled champagne on her twin’s bridesmaid’s dress, there was mild panic with the lacing of the bridal gown but other than that the morning was pretty calm! The ceremony took place in the castle’s dining room and as I watched Tom wait for his bride to walk down the aisle I could see it was going to be an emotional service. Megan’s identical twin Lauren  got up to read a poem dedicated to her twin and had half the guests reaching for tissues. As a twin myself, I could really identify with the pride and love she was feeling for her sister and I found it very moving to witness. There were more tears from the bride and groom during their vows too but their smiles were huge as they signed the register and greeted their guests as man and wife. Being the super flukey photographer that I am, the miserable rain that we had been experiencing for the last 24 hours finally paused and we took the opportunity to do the group photos and some couple shots outside; how many ushers does it take to carry a bride over muddy grass and puddles? – three apparently, and a groom to supervise! The couples shots alone together showcased the beautiful grounds and setting of the castle and they were such superstars to put up with traipsing over wet ground to get the shots we needed! The castle staff were really helpful and as the sun was going down, they took us up onto the roof which had the most spectacular views. My knees got a bit wobbly as I looked over the edge but it was well worth getting up there for the shots that we achieved. Before I knew it, it was time for Mr and Mrs Baker to take to the dance floor for their first dance, with Tom being a three times Ceroc national champion I knew he would have no problems in leading his wife in a romantic spin on the floor. The first dance will always be one of my favourite parts of the wedding, witnessing the love of two people as they begin a new chapter in their lives, and seeing them alone on the dance floor almost in their own little world is a total joy to capture. As I watched Tom sing to his new wife “…we found love right where we are…” nothing could have seemed more true. Congratulations to a lovely and perfect pair, thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

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