The wedding where I discovered a new alternative to “cheese!”

Many times when I meet brides and grooms, I find myself reassuring couples not to despair if their summer wedding dreams end up being rained off; it’s true that rain doesn’t have to spoil photos at all or hinder enjoyment on the day. However, when a summer wedding turns into the sunny day that everyone hoped for it really is amazing, and I was so happy for this laid-back pair when their wedding day was one of the best days we had in July so far! Welcomed at the house in the morning by a bacon roll, I was made to feel part of the party as the bridesmaids and Becky along with her mum and daughter all got ready together. There were a few tears when Becky’s dad arrived at the house, and again when she made her way down the aisle at The Whitminster Inn. I loved the supportive little shoulder squeeze from Andy’s ushers as he watched his bride walk towards him, it was a nice moment. Becky’s nervous giggles during the vows were infectious and I think we all felt her relief when she got through them! It was really sweet to witness the bride and groom being reunited with their two little ones after their first kiss as Mr and Mrs and they all processed back down the aisle together. The orchard grounds at the Whitminster were perfect for the group photos  and some shots of  Becky and Andy alone, and we all had a bit of fun doing some group shots on the playground – who says wedding photos have to be serious?! The  bridesmaids and Becky all had matching multi-coloured nail varnish on their toes to match all the different colours of the bridesmaids dresses (they had picked the dresses themselves) which was a bit different. The whole day felt so happy and family oriented, Becky and Andy were so easy going and so much fun to work with, and thanks to them I now have an alternative word to use instead of “cheese” during group photos…it’s a private joke though and I couldn’t possibly explain :-) Congratulations Mr and Mrs Gurr, and have a fantastic honeymoon all together with your family. x

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